Soft signage that fits your needs

Tamaño gota4pl
Resolución 2400dpi
Velocidad máxima 250m²/hr
Tamaño gota 4 pl
Resolución 2400 dpi
Velocidad máxima 250 m²/hr

Printer description

When you want to offer soft signage, but don’t have the higher volumes, floor space or capex spend to justify a soft signage printer, let alone a dedicated calender/heat press, you get a soft signage printer that fits your needs. Not the other way around. The EFI™ VUTEk® FabriVU 340i dye-sublimation printer offers production level speeds, outstanding image quality and inline fixation capability. It allows you to direct print to fabric and sublimate inline for one-offs that are immediately ready for finishing and shipping.


Lower total acquisition cost. Fast job turns. More premium-margin capability. It’s soft signage printing for the rest of us.

  • 3.4-meter wide aqueous-based soft signage printer with EFI platen and extraction technology system that enables product to be sublimated inline
  • Dramatic four-color printing with ultra-high resolution up to 2,400 dpi and four level grayscale printing
  • Production speeds up to 2,691ft2 (250 m2) per hour
  • Prints direct to fabric with inline fixation for graphics that are immediately ready for finishing and packing
  • Inline sublimation can be turned off and paper transfer can be leveraged if off-line sublimation is available
  • Ideal for the production of flags, banners, backlit displays, and other high-end display graphics, including one-offs


  • 3.4 meter wide aqueous-based soft signage printer with inline sublimation
  • Dramatic four-color printing with a wide color gamut and deep color saturation for exceptional fabric display graphics
  • Ultra-high resolution up to 2,400 dpi and four level grayscale printing with 4pL to 18pL drop sizes
  • Production speeds up to 2691 ft2 (250 m2) per hour
  • Auto printhead cleaning station increases printer uptime
  • Capping station to keep your system up and running
  • Medium-viscosity ink, high-resolution printheads, and ink recirculation for improved ink yield
  • Fiery® proServer SE with Fiery XF production digital front end and color management workflow
  • Water based CMYK dispersed-dye Genuine EFI Inks
  • Enhanced Service Program (ESP) warranty for your printer, Fiery proServer hardware, and Fiery XF software



  • Prints up to 133 in (340 cm) wide
  • Fabric weight from 45 to 450 gr/m2
  • Paper weight from 57 to 110 gr/m2
  • Entry and exit: standard roll unwinder/rewinder up to 13.75 in (350 mm) outside diameter
  • Inline sublimation: heated platen


Up to 2,400 dpi


  • Production speeds (max.) up to 5,381 ft2 (500 m2) per hour
  • Production image quality: 2,690 ft2 (250 m2) per hour
  • POP image quality: 1,776 ft2 (165 m2) per hour


All popular desktop file formats, including PostScript®3™, EPS, TIFF, PDF, RGB/CMYK

Environmental considerations

  • Temperature: 68-75 °F (20-24 °C)
  • Humidity: 50-60%
  • Weight: 10,582 lbs (4,800 kg)
  • Printer dimensions (L x W x H): 90 in x 242 in x 71 in (230 cm x 615 cm x 180 cm)
  • Printer electrical: 3 Phase, 400V, 50Hz, 42kW
  • Water pressure: min. 22 psi (1.5 bar); max. 29 psi (2 bar)
  • Water volume: 1.3 gallons (5 liters) per day
  • Water temperature: 68-77 °F (20-25 °C)

Genuine EFI Inks
Water-based CMYK dispersed dye inks

Fiery digital front end
EFI Fiery® proServer SE




Retroiluminación día/noche

Day/Night Backlights

Gráficos para expositores

Graphics for Exhibitors

Gráficos para exposiciones

Exhibition Graphics

Banderas publicitarias


Gráficos para puntos de venta

Point-of-Purchase Graphics

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